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    22 Pretty Strange Things All Close Sisters Have Done

    "Wake up." "We’re late." "The house is on fire." "Your sister touched your stuff." *barrel-rolls out of bed*

    1. Refused to shower until the second your sister wanted to shower, and then raced her to the bathroom and tackled her to the floor.

    Twitter: @maddycroall

    Nothing got you out of bed faster than the desire to stop your sister doing something she wanted to do.

    2. Pointed at ugly characters on television and said, "That's you."

    New Line Cinema

    Never stops being funny.

    3. Shared a bed on holiday, and considered it entirely justifiable to hit your sister as hard as you could if 1mm of her body touched your side.

    Twitter: @nymeriahale

    You might have even constructed a wall between you.

    4. Ran to bagsy the front seat of the car before your sister got there.

    5. And sat on top of your sister until she moved because she sat in the seat you wanted to sit on.

    Twitter: @Jaslynnnlee

    And probably bounced up and down so it hurt her legs.

    6. Borrowed your sister's clothes and made absolutely no effort to be subtle about it.

    When it comes to sisters, borrowing = stealing.

    7. Made up a secret language so that you could plot against your parents without them understanding what you were talking about.

    Warner Bros.

    It may have even featured gestures and signals if you were particularly smart.

    8. Pretended to reach out for a hug and then secretly rugby-tackled her to the ground.

    Twitter: @TrinidadAvitia

    It's the oldest trick in the book.

    9. Watched movies in sync on long-haul flights, even though you were looking at two separate screens.

    Disney Channel

    It was really important that neither of you was a second ahead of the other.

    10. Denied being related even though you quite clearly look the same.

    11. Bit her so hard it made a mark.

    Twitter: @typoshowell

    And then begged her not to tell on you.

    12. Got unreasonably angry when any of your friends called your sister "cute". Or worse, "hot".

    Paramount Pictures

    There was no greater insult.

    13. Tried to get into her bedroom when she didn't want you to, and then lent your entire body weight on her door until she gave in.

    Twitter: @Avery_Adams33

    You did this until one of you literally ran out of strength.

    14. Made your teddies chat.

    Twitter: @TeddyVillageIE

    They get to have a little sleepover every time you both go home to visit your parents.

    15. Eaten food you didn't want to eat, solely because your sister wanted it.

    Twitter: @hoodsvessel

    If your sister wanted something you had to get it first.

    16. Cast yourselves in every TV show you have ever watched together.

    Disney Channel

    You know which one of you is a Mary-Kate and which one is an Ashley.

    17. If your sister is younger than you, covered her eyes whenever anyone on television snogged.

    Twitter: @joceemartinez

    And god forbid she ever actually saw sex on a screen.

    18. Prevented your sister from changing the TV channel.

    Twitter: @joceemartinez

    Sometimes you just took the remote control out of the living room.

    19. Passed each other toilet roll in an emergency.

    Twitter: @Josh_Kinsella_

    This is actually the best reason to have a sister.

    20. Blatantly copied each other's outfits (and sometimes life choices) but then vehemently denied you were copying.

    Tabatha Leggett / BuzzFeed

    Little sisters always copy big sisters. This is a fact.

    21. Fought until one of you bled.

    Twitter: @bellaggordon

    Usually about absolutely nothing at all.

    22. Felt prouder, more protective, and closer to each other than anyone else in the world.


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