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23 Cringeworthy Things All British Teenagers Used To Do

You drank cider out of a plastic bottle in the park and spent all your money on polyphonic ringtones.

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1. Spent every Saturday morning roaming your local high street, including all four floors of Debenhams, with a strawberry frappuccino from Starbucks in your hand.

4. Got "asked out" by boys at school discos which just meant you had to slow dance to "Angels" with then.

Disney Channel

You got hyper from eating too much sherbet, separated into a boys' side of the room and a girls' side of the room, and then counted up the number of times you got asked out.

5. Got over-the-top excited every time you saw a single snowflake because it meant you might get a Snow Day.

Twitter: @averythealien23

You spent the morning calling all your friends to find out who had actually be snowed in, and then you made a bin bag toboggan and headed to your local field.

6. Discussed which base everyone in your year had got to in intense detail.

The CW

If someone in your year gave a hand job without informing all of their peers about it the next day, you were outraged.

7. Danced to music played out of your friend's iPod Nano speakers in a circle in their kitchen.

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Before you started going to ~real~ house parties, you did a lot of kitchen dancing.

8. Spent all your money on your pay-as-you-go phone.

Twitter: @MichaelChapmanS

You ordered polyphonic ringtones out of the back of Mizz magazine and used up all your credit in a single text conversation with a stranger.

10. Rushed home from school just so you could spend the evening on MSN Messenger.

Twitter: @amberedwxrds

It's where you first met boys, played truth or dare, and strategically positioned your webcam so you looked as hot as you possibly could.

11. Rolled up your itchy M&S school skirt even though it made you have a little roll of material around your stomach.

It didn't matter that rolling up your skirt wasn't flattering; it just had to be as short as possible.

12. Either went through a massive emo phase...

Twitter: @milkyrally

Which involved dying your hair jet black, straightening your fringe and backcombing the rest of it, and writing song lyrics on your Converse with a Biro.

13. ... or went through an arguably more embarrassing Jack Wills phase.

Eamonn And James Clarke / Eamonn and James Clarke/PA Images

Which involved fake tanning, begging your mum for a belly ring, and dressing in a gilet and Uggs every home clothes day.

14. Celebrated the end of your GCSEs by going to Leeds or Reading festival and letting a random person stay in your tent.

Twitter: @harrydunn_

You drank cider for breakfast, got an unnecessary amount of mud on your clothes, and felt 100% cool.

16. Learnt to drive and immediately filled your mum's Nissan Micra with the smelliest air fresheners you could get your hands on.

17. Got to your local nightclub unreasonably early so that the bouncers wouldn't ID you when you were underage.

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But you borrowed someone from the year above's driving license and worked out what their horoscope was just in case the bouncer quizzed you.

19. Got literally everyone you knew to proof read your UCAS form, even though it was the most embarrassing thing you had ever written.

Twitter: @timbolton1

Literally all of your subject teachers, aunts and uncles, and everyone who lived on your street read it.

20. Got the most OTT makeover before your leavers' ball, even though it took place in a function room that kind of smelled like chlorine.

Twitter: @mychalmoore1

You got a dress from TK Maxx and a pair of heels from Dolcis in advance. And on the day, you fake tanned and got your hair and nails done.

22. Played drinking games that involved pouring multiple drinks into a central vessel and then making someone drink its contents.

Twitter: @freddiehaines

It was even better if someone was drinking something milk based because then the alcohol curdled.

23. And finally, went on a group holiday to somewhere like Ayia Napa, Magaluf, or Kos in the summer after sixth form.

Twitter: @PaislieSim

You exclusively referred to Magaluf as Shagaluf, even though the most raucous thing that happened was someone getting off with a pervy old man in a nightclub smoking area.

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