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    21 Kitchen Gadgets You Need To Buy Right Now

    The next time you need to peel grapes, you're covered.

    1. This banana slicer that means you'll never have to chop freestyle again.

    2. This strawberry huller that's so cute it actually hurts a bit.

    3. And this teeny, tiny strawberry slicer to use afterwards.

    4. This watermelon slicer that will make all your friends envious.

    5. This apple corer that means you'll never cut yourself again.

    6. And just look at how good it makes this pear look.

    7. This delicate grape peeler that is frankly a little bit arousing.

    8. And don't even get me started on this apple spiraliser.

    9. Or this mini-courgette one.

    10. This egg slicer that will revolutionise the way you eat sandwiches.

    11. This melon baller that will ensure your starters are the fanciest.

    12. This perfectly-sized avocado slicer.

    13. This cherry deseeder that actually smiles at you.

    14. This orange peeler that'll make you question why you've spent years picking at orange rind.

    15. This olive pitter that screams glam.

    16. This pineapple corer that will will be the envy of all your friends.

    17. This mandolin that'll slice courgettes perfectly.

    18. And just look at those perfect aubergine slices.

    19. This microplane that makes zesting oranges as simple as child's play.

    20. This carrot peeler that looks like an actual sharpener.

    21. And this corn on the cob peeler that may be the best invention of all time.