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    24 Signs You're Half Grandma And Half Disaster

    You love getting nine hours sleep, but you also don't understand how to pay your own bills.

    1. You get unreasonably excited by new kitchen gadgets and baking equipment.

    2. But your dinner parties often get a little bit ~too~ boozy.

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    You've hosted a Sunday lunch that ended by ordering take out at 11pm before.

    3. You spend most of your hard-earned money on food.

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    You'd rather spend your money on a veg box from an organic farm than tequila shots from a club.

    4. But even though you are vaguely trying to save, you actually have no idea what your monthly outgoings are.

    The CW

    You shove all your pay slips and bank statements into a drawer and hope they deal with themselves.

    5. You would never go out without a coat on.

    6. But every time you do get ill, your mum is the first person you call.

    Text my mom saying I'm feeling really ill and she replies "Drink plenty of orange juice instead of tequila... That might help" 😒

    You can't decide whether you're ill enough to call into work sick until your mum diagnoses you over the phone.

    7. Your ideal evening in involves reading a good book in a warm bath surrounded by scented candles.

    8. But you never manage to spend your evenings in ironing your laundry before putting it in your wardrobe.

    Twitter: @deemscox

    You've accepted that you're the kind of person who will always hurriedly iron a blouse in the morning.

    9. You get very stressed if you don't manage to get nine hours of sleep every night.


    Tbh, 10 hours is preferable.

    10. But even when you manage to get into bed before 10pm, you sometimes waste hours before you actually go to sleep.

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    And then you feel crappy the next day.

    11. You would always choose to spend Friday night having a nice meal out with friends rather than going to a noisy bar.


    You get very anxious if you don't know exactly when you'll be eating dinner.

    12. But you will forever be the person who orders the house wine.

    13. If you do go out drinking, you insist on buying sufficient snacks.


    And by snacks, you mean a bowl of pub chips each. Not one tiny packets of nuts shared between six people.

    14. That said, you have thrown up from drinking within the last six months.


    Sometimes you forget about the snacks, and it all goes downhill.

    15. You absolutely love a practical shoe.


    You have no time for high heels.

    16. But there are also loads of practical things that you don't know how to do. Like setting your washing machine timer, or changing your hoover bag, or wtf dishwasher salt does.

    Regency Enterprises

    And you've obviously lost all of the instruction manuals.

    17. Most of the TV shows you watch are about cooking or moving house.


    An evening of watching Bake Off followed by Grand Designs followed by Master Chef would be your ideal night.

    18. That said, you don't own any matching cutlery and you certainly don't own the house you live in.

    Twitter: @_Masterseye

    You might own matching cutlery one day, but owning your own house seems out of reach.

    19. You love the feeling of waking up early at the weekend and getting all your chores out of the way.

    Twitter: @CailynGilmore

    You feel so smug when you manage to exercise and do you weekly clean before10am.

    20. But you also lose entire weekends to staying in bed sometimes.

    Natalya Lobanova / BuzzFeed

    It's not unusual for you to only leave the house to buy more food at the weekend.

    21. You have an amazing knitwear collection.


    When you go clothes shopping, your main priority is always staying snug.

    22. But nothing you own is insured.


    You sometimes remember to buy travel insurance, but you absolutely don't have home insurance.

    23. And even though you feel really grown up and on top of things most of the time...


    24. ... you also kinda feel like you're faking it.

    And that's 100% OK.

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