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    33 Signs You Went To An All-Girls Public School

    Including lessons in: dress codes, lacrosse and boys.

    1. Your uniform had to be custom made.

    2. Buying the cheaper M&S equivalent landed you in detention.

    3. Where your punishment was writing lines.

    4. Mind you, navigating your Sixth Form Dress Code was a minefield.

    5. But at least you could work out exactly how far to roll up your skirt.

    6. You were friends with all your teachers on Facebook.

    7. Which meant you got punished for uploading inappropriate pictures.

    8. But hey, at least school lunches were good.

    9. You fell in love twice a year.

    Once with the token male teacher.

    And once on the annual ski trip.

    10. Own clothes day? Jack Wills day.

    11. This man taught you sex-ed.

    12. You mum spent her summers naming your pencils.

    13. And then your sports kit.

    14. Playing lacrosse twice a week meant your body was always covered in ball-shaped bruises.

    15. The first time you met boys was on the school bus.

    16. And the first time one looked at you, you forgot how to speak.

    17. You finally met some more at joint discos with the boys' school.

    18. But soon realised they were all shorter than you.

    19. Nothing was more important than being accepted by these girls.

    20. Literally, nothing.

    21. Parents' Evening was essentially speed dating for the single parents.

    22. You had at least one friend whose parents paid her to do well in her GCSEs.

    23. Tatler was your Bible.

    24. And marrying Prince William the aim.

    25. Tall girls played boys in school plays. Like, always.

    26. Feminism was the topic of every single assembly.

    27. But not until after the chamber choir finished singing.

    28. You cried when Caecilius died.

    29. Years of Speech & Drama lessons meant you could quote pretty much everything Shakespeare ever wrote.

    30. You knew summer had arrived when your Maths class moved to the top garden.

    31. Being chosen to read the Bible in the Christmas cathedral service was, like, the biggest honour.

    32. So you spent the entire year debating at local rotary clubs to practise.

    33. And when you finally finished...