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    24 Signs You Grew Up In Cheshire

    Featuring Jack Wills, the Chester Races and Living on the Edge.

    1. So everyone knows Cheshire as one of the UK's richest counties.

    2. As a place where people like the Duke of Westminster live in houses like this.

    3. Where something called the Glitz List actually exists.

    4. And every village has at least one footballer living in it.

    5. But a day out at the Chester Races will prove it's actually kinda trashy.

    6. Living on the Edge, the original Made in Chelsea, may have been set in Alderley Edge.

    7. But Hollyoaks was set in Chester.

    8. And Rosies has a hotdog stand in the middle of its dancefloor.

    9. Still, trashy can be good. You'll struggle to beat a Thursday night 3-in-a-bed for good value boozing.

    10. School trips to Chester Zoo were amazing.

    11. Even if the ones to Northwich's Salt Museum left a little to be desired.

    12. Delamere Forest was the best date place ever.

    13. And Off the Wall was the worst.

    14. Your main ambition was to feature in Cheshire Life's society pages.

    15. So you hung out at young farmer's balls as much as poss.

    16. Which often meant crossing the Welsh border.

    17. All your friends' dads were plastic surgeons.

    18. Which meant all your friends' mums looked like this.

    19. The day Chester got a Jack Wills was better than Christmas.

    20. It meant you could stop travelling to Abersoch to buy your boyfriend fit hoodies.

    21. Because what else were you going to wear to Wakestock?

    22. Talking of Abersoch, summers there were the best.

    23. So you may have grown up in the land of the nouveau riche.

    24. But you miss it now you've gone.