The 12 Meanest Ways To Tip A Waiter

    Stop being so tight, you guys.

    So Jay Porter ran a no-tipping restaurant for six years and reckons no tips means better service.

    That seems mean.

    1. Blaming the government for your stinginess is mean.

    2. So is just making up the difference.

    3. But you also shouldn't make promises you can't keep.

    4. Leaving anything other than cash is unkind.

    5. And leaving a pile of coppers is nasty.

    6. There's no need to swear.

    7. And there's no need to be bitchy.

    8. Negative tips aren't a thing.

    9. Even God can't get you out of tipping.

    10. You shouldn't be self-important.

    11. Or personal.

    12. So let's all start being a little bit nicer. Please?