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24 Scandinavian Men Who Have Ruined All Other Men

Seriously. We all need to get Nordic boyfriends.

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1. Here's Samulli Vauramo staring straight into your soul.

Instagram: @samuelvauramo

3. Here's Darri Ingolfsson, proving that all the other men might as well give up now.

Instagram: @thedarri

4. Because you're not going to meet anyone as hot as Pete Parkkonen.


6. Imagine waking up next to Lauri Kalima every single day.

Instagram: @laurikalima

7. Imagine going out for dinner with Emil Þór Guðmundsso.


10. Imagine the last night chats you'd have with Jakob Oftebro.

11. The forests you'd explore Chairag Rashmikant Patel.

Instagram: @karpe_diem_offisiell

13. Lars Mikkelsen would give you a back rub at the end of a long, hard day.

14. Joel Kinnaman would introduce you to his mother.

Instagram: @joelkinnaman

15. And Valtteri Filppula would work day and night to build you a little wooden cabin next to a vast lake.

16. Just look at Tobias Santelmann and tell me one thing: What is the point of non-Nordic men?

Instagram: @santelmann

18. Other men aren't as chiseled as Olof Mellberg.

20. They don't understand you the way Alexander Karim would.

Instagram: @alexanderkarim

21. So what are you waiting for? Move to Scandinevia and find your Trond Espen Seim.

23. Because he's out there. Your Sebastian Jessen is out there.

Instagram: @sebastian_jessen

24. You just need to move north, and believe you'll find your own version of Peter Northug Jr. Because you can. And you will.

Instagram: @jantelov1