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    11 Self-Portraits Drawn During An LSD Trip

    Via Redditor whatafinethrowaway.

    Redditor whatafinethrowaway asked her friend to draw a series of self-portraits after she'd taken LSD.

    The girl spent between 15 and 45 minutes on each drawing and worked without a mirror.

    1. This is her first drawing. She completed it 15 minutes after taking LSD, before any effects kicked in.

    2. After 45 minutes, she thought her hair had grown significantly.

    3. One hour and 45 minutes in, she still thought her hair was growing.

    4. And after two hours and 15 minutes, she added some unusual angles to her face.

    5. After three and a half hours, she stopped drawing eyes.

    6. By the time four hours and 45 minutes had passed, she was working in very dim light.

    7. At the six hour mark, things really started to get strange.

    8. But the six hour and 45 minute picture is even more obscure.

    9. At the eight hour mark, she started listening to Pink Floyd.

    10. After eight hours and 45 minutes, she decided she needed a body too.

    11. And, after nine and a half hours, the effects were almost over.

    H/t Reddit.