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    23 Secrets Jack Wills Employees Will Never Tell You

    That's why our hair's so big. It's full of secrets.

    1. The reason our stores smell so nice? We put perfume through the air con.

    2. There is an art to folding hoodies, and it involves a chopping board.

    We get told off when the lettering on the piles of hoodies doesn't line up.

    3. No, we don't offer student discount.

    4. And yes, we know our clothes are all branded "University Outfitters".

    5. We have to dress entirely in Jack Wills clothing.

    6. And female employees are encouraged to wear heels.

    Which, after the first four hours of your shift, starts to hurt like hell.

    7. You'd be surprised by the number of mums who buy their kids' sports kits from Jack Wills.

    8. We instigate a one-in-one-out policy during January sales.

    9. And customers will queue up outside for aaaaaaaages.

    10. If we're working the door, we have to welcome you and tell you to have a great day.

    11. The staff toilets are stocked with hair spray.

    So there's no danger of your rah hair going flat.

    12. No, we're not all models.

    HBO /

    Although we wish we were. Unfortunately, this was just a rumour: We were just teenagers who live in Ugg boots.

    13. We hate that we don't sell clothes larger than a size 16, but there's nothing we can do about it.

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    14. But a ladies hoodie in a size 14 is the same as a men's S.

    15. There's a special place in hell reserved for people who count out coppers at the till.

    16. And another one for teenagers who spend all day making out on the sofas at the back of the shop.

    Do you know we can see you?

    17. We're seriously good at gift wrapping.

    So good that we do all our family gifts at Christmas.

    18. And my god we can fold.

    19. We spend most of our shift making sure the hangers are pointing the same way, and are evenly spaced out.

    20. We know every trick in the sales book. Like if you compliment someone who is trying clothes on, they're more likely to buy them.

    21. And if you touch their arm as you compliment them, they're more likely again.

    22. Our staff parties are really nothing special.

    23. But at the end of the day, it's worth it for the 75% staff discount on uniform items.

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