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38 School Dinners You'll Never Taste Again

Featuring Turkey Twizzlers, square pizzas, and those weird cubed potato things

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1. Square pizza with chips and beans.

2. Unidentifiable curry with white rice, followed by bananas in custard.

4. Roast beef with potatoes and rectangular veg.

5. Chocolate sponge cake with mint custard.

6. Potato cubes and beans.

Keeping up with tradition... Potato cubes for breakfast! @jenkins_kebba96 @NCMalta #maltafoodisawesome

7. Cornflake tart and custard.

9. Sausages with ice cream scoop mash and sweetcorn.

10. Coconut and strawberry cake with pink custard.

11. Burger with potato smilies and spaghetti hoops.

12. Fish fingers with chips and beans.

13. Bolognese with this exact veg mix.

15. Vanilla sponge with hundreds and thousands and custard.

16. Apple crumble with custard.

17. Potato and cheese bake with beans.

18. Fish fingers and potato smilies.

22. General pie with ice cream scoop mash and cauliflower

23. Sweet-and-sour curry half and half.

25. Turkey Twizzlers with chips and beans.

26. Turkey dinosaurs with potato smilies and spaghetti hoops.

27. Cheese whirls with potato smilies and spaghetti shapes.

28. Broccoli and cauliflower cheese with sweetcorn.

29. Macaroni cheese with garlic bread.

31. Swiss roll with pink custard.

33. Pasta bake with sweetcorn and beans.

35. Jammy coconut sponge with custard

36. Chocolate sponge with mint custard.

38. And a plate of general carbs.