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    Posted on Oct 5, 2015

    23 Beauty Struggles All British '00s Girls Faced

    Barry M, Lush, and The Body Shop ftw.

    1. When you applied Barry M eyeshadow, then blinked, and it smudged all the way down your cheek.

    2. When you couldn't decide which Impulse body spray summed up your ~vibe~.

    3. Especially because they discontinued the best one ever.

    4. When you couldn't get your Bad Gal eyeliner straight, so you just kept adding more until you looked like you'd been punched in both eyes.

    5. When you forgot to blend your Batiste in properly, so you ended up looking like a grey-haired nan.

    6. When your Lush bath bomb turned your water a cool colour, but then your mum got mad that you left the sides of the tub greasy.

    7. When you forgot to apply Johnson's Holiday Skin with a tanning mitt, so you ended up with streaky legs.

    8. When you got told off for peeling your Barry M nail varnish off, even though it was the most satisfying feeling in the world.

    9. Waiting forever for your crimpers to warm up.

    10. When you sprayed on too much of The Body Shop's White Musk, because wearing it made you feel so ~fancy~.

    11. When your first bottle of So...? Kiss Me ran out and you didn't know what to wear any more.

    12. When you rubbed too much Lush Glitter Bug into your skin and you ended up looking kinda grey.

    13. When your butterfly hair clips snapped in your hair.

    14. Going outside right after applying your Agatha Ruiz de la Prada lip balm and getting your hair stuck to your lips.

    15. Putting on Glow by JLo and not immediately transforming into a goddess.

    16. Carefully applying hair mascara from Claire's to the strands of hair framing your face, only for them to go weirdly crispy a moment later.

    17. Having an unusual name, so having to get a named hairband specially made.

    18. Spraying Lee Stafford's Poker Straight heat protection spray on your mirror when you straightened your hair, and never being able to scrub it off.

    19. Accidentally squeezing a bath pearl from Boots too hard and having it pop into your eye.

    20. Trying to convince your mum that Juicy Tubes was just lip gloss, so you should definitely be allowed to wear it to school.

    21. Spending all your holiday money on Just Me by Paris Hilton at duty free.

    22. Putting Collection 2000 glitter eyeliner on and getting a speck in your eye.

    23. But worst of all, burning your neck on your GHDs and everyone making fun of you for having a love bite.

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