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    18 Russian Snacks The Rest Of The World Really Needs

    You haven't lived until you've tasted pickle and dill crisps.

    1. Plyushka

    2. Full-sized pigs in blankets

    3. Fresh cucumber Sprite

    4. Mini bagels

    5. Pickle and dill crisps

    6. White mushroom and sour cream crisps

    7. Baykal, which is something in between Coke and Pepsi

    8. Bears in a forest chocolate bars

    9. Vanilla ice cream waffle cups

    10. Salted herring and onions

    11. Cherry pirozhki

    12. But also every other kind of pirozhki

    13. Kiev cutlets

    14. Dried shredded squid

    15. Okroshka soup

    16. Rye bread crisps

    17. Waffle sticks filled with condensed milk

    18. But also, drinking condensed milk straight out of the can