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18 Russian Snacks The Rest Of The World Really Needs

You haven't lived until you've tasted pickle and dill crisps.

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1. Plyushka

This is the simplest, and cheapest, pastry you can buy in Russia. It's literally just bread with sugar melted on top of it and it's amazing.

2. Full-sized pigs in blankets

Sausages wrapped in dough are also a thing in Russia, except they do it with proper sized sausages, which is genius.

3. Fresh cucumber Sprite

Literally the world's most refreshing drink.

4. Mini bagels

They're harder than normal bagels, and they're bitesized. Basically, they're perfect in every way.

5. Pickle and dill crisps

It's a mystery that these crisps haven't made it outside of Russia.

It's a mystery that these crisps haven't made it outside of Russia.

6. White mushroom and sour cream crisps

Seriously: Russia gets all the best crips flavours.

Seriously: Russia gets all the best crips flavours.

7. Baykal, which is something in between Coke and Pepsi

And yet it's somehow more delicious than both.

8. Bears in a forest chocolate bars

These are very traditional Russian chocolate bars. They're milk chocolate coated wafers and they're the best.

9. Vanilla ice cream waffle cups

The perfect snack on a hot summer's day.

10. Salted herring and onions

This cuts right through a hangover.

11. Cherry pirozhki

These are basically tiny cakes filled with cherry jam. If you live in Russia, you'll have been force fed these by your grandma at some point in your life.

12. But also every other kind of pirozhki

The apple ones are especially delicious.

13. Kiev cutlets

You can't go wrong with chicken wrapped in breadcrumbs.

14. Dried shredded squid

This sounds and look gross but it's weirdly delicious. Plus, it's super salty so it makes the perfect hangover snack.

15. Okroshka soup

This is a cold soup made from sour milk and vegetables and it's the most refreshing thing you can eat on a hot day.

16. Rye bread crisps

These are literally small pieces of rye bread that have been fried in oil. They're best served with a cold beer.

17. Waffle sticks filled with condensed milk

What isn't delicious about that?

18. But also, drinking condensed milk straight out of the can

This is amazing and it makes no sense that condensed milk as a drink hasn't caught on elsewhere.