Rob The Baby Palm Squirrel Is So Cute It Hurts

    OMG so small.

    This is Rob.

    At first, Paul thought Rob was dead.

    He tried to find Rob's mum - or any sign of where he'd come from - but it didn't work.

    Paul soon learned that Rob is a very snoozy squirrel.

    In fact, his favourite place is catch 40 winks is in Paul's pocket.

    He really, really likes it there.

    But Rob can fall asleep pretty much anywhere. Like on this laptop.

    Or in this teacup.

    Or on this steering wheel.

    Rob hung out with Paul's film crew throughout their entire run.

    But eventually Rob got stronger.

    And then he said goodbye to Paul.

    Bye bye, Rob.

    Find out more about Rob here and check out his Facebook page here.