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    28 Ridiculous Things You'll See At Frieze Art Fair

    So many red jeans.

    Frieze London kicked off at Regent's Park yesterday.

    It's a contemporary art fair that's on until 20th October. 600,000 people are expected to visit over the long weekend.

    1. A lot of the art there is really weird. Like this traffic cone person.

    2. And this water feature in the middle of a mouldy bed.

    3. And this wooden plank with two very small pompoms stuck to it.

    4. Here are some sunglasses and a heavy shoe attached to a chain.

    5. And here's a fried egg on the floor.

    6. This is a giant Action Man wearing a backpack.

    7. Here are some ominous looking chains.

    8. Here's a plaster woman with hollow stomach.

    9. And this is a large, cloth whale hanging from the ceiling.

    10. Of course, weird art attracts weird people. Like this man who has dressed as a denim Viking.

    11. Maybe he liked this wall of googly eyes.

    12. Or this large wall cushion.

    13. Or maybe this toilet filled with stuffed tights was more his thing.

    14. This man dressed in a salmon pink bobbled blazer was there too.

    15. Although he missed the red trouser memo.

    16. Still, Frieze London isn't just about the art. It's also about daytime drinking at expensive champagne bars.

    17. Spending £19.95 on a single piece of fish for lunch.

    18. And making sure your VIP BMW is parked in the right area.

    19. There's also inexplicably a tree inside.

    20. As well as an excellent balloon pit.

    21. Unreasonably large footwear.

    22. And so many reflective surfaces for selfie taking.

    23. Including foot selfies, obv.

    24. Frieze London has the swankiest portaloos you'll ever see.

    25. But it also has a lot of scribbles on walls.

    26. And glasses on walls.

    27. And denim pockets on walls.

    28. Shall we all go buy some contemporary art then, yeah?

    For more information about Frieze London, click here.

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