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    Relationships Before You Move In Together Vs. Afterwards

    "Hey, baby, have you brushed your teeth today?"

    1. Before you live together, you make a special effort to look nice on days you're seeing your S.O.

    New Line

    You wash your hair, put a bit of perfume on, and make sure your tights don't have any ladders in them.

    But now, if you're feeling really fancy, you wait till bae gets home before changing into your trackies.

    2. Before you live together, you spend Saturday morning snuggling and listing all the reasons you love each other.

    Now, your idea of a sexy Saturday involves waking up early and beating the Asda queue.

    The weekly food shop's not going to do itself.

    3. Before you live together, you can't keep your hands off each other. Anything bae says gets you in the mood.


    Now, any spontaneous kissing is prefaced with "when did you last shower?", or "have you brushed your teeth?"

    And because you live together, you know when they're lying.

    4. Before you live together, you have really quiet sex, so as not to disturb your housemates.

    Now, though, you can be as loud as you damn well please.

    And you can do it anywhere.

    5. Before you live together, you both make romantic gestures all the time, just because.

    Walt Disney

    You cook for each other, book fancy meals out, and go on passionate weekends away.

    Now, your idea of a romantic gesture is when your S.O. remembers there's laundry to do, then actually gets off the sofa and does it.

    6. Before you live together, you send each other love letters and endless mushy texts.

    Nowadays, you write each other sexy shopping lists and reminders to pay your council tax.

    7. Before you live together, every fight you have is heart-wrenchingly painful and feels like the end of the world.


    Now, you have sultry squabbles about things like fingerprints on windows and dishcloths that haven't been hung up properly.


    8. Before you live together, you don't sweat the small stuff. You put up with your S.O.'s flaws because everything else about them gives you butterflies in your tummy.

    Now though, bae forgetting that you like your OJ with bits is enough to make you grumpy for days.


    Not properly angry, mind. Just angry enough to make a few sly digs.

    9. Before you move in together, you say "I love you" all. the. time. You can't say those three words enough.


    Nowadays, sweet whispers of "I love you" are reserved for truly special occasions. Like when bae gives the toilet a good scrub.

    Warner Bros.

    10. Before you live together, you're endlessly in awe of your S.O.'s achievements, whether they're personal or work-based.


    Now, though, nothing impresses you quite like that time they built a Billy bookcase.

    Especially if they stored those Allen keys neatly.

    11. Before you live together, date night involves doing something cultural, followed by a night in a glitzy bar.

    Now, date night involves emptying your JustEat order onto actual plates.

    Bonus points if you use cutlery!

    12. Before you live together, you come home at the end of a night out and stay up talking about your ~hopes and dreams~.

    When you get home nowadays, one of you prepares the carbohydrates while the other gets a head start on the jigsaw.

    13. Before you live together, you cook needlessly glamorous meals for each other, just to show you care.

    Now, though, it's all about the challenge of using up your leftovers without having to go out for extra ingredients.

    14. Before you live together, the thing you love the most is learning something new about your S.O. every day.

    Warner Bros.

    And falling more madly in love the more you learn.

    And now, the thing you love the most is coming home to your best friend every day. Even if they haven't unloaded the dishwasher.

    Warner Bros.

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