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13 Reasons You Used To Wear A GAP Hoody

Are you chilly? You've got a gap in your jumper.

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1. Just look at this hoody. It was the pinnacle of cool.

2. Not to mention, the snuggliest garment around.

Earvin Corona / Flickr: 65027449@N05 / CC

3. GAP was pretty much the only trendy shop that your parents considered sensible.

JStone / Shutterstock

4. The "GAP" on the front matched the gap in your front teeth.

Maile M Rounds / Thinkstock

5. And you secretly loved it when grown ups asked if the gap in your sweater was making you chilly.

SuperFantastic / Flickr: 35423169@N00 / CC

6. They came in every colour under the sun.

7. And in so many different styles.

Carrie A. / Flickr: 27353377@N04 / CC*thrashermagazine*com%7CimagesV2%7CJunk_Drawer%7C2012%7C08%7CGirlSale*jpg/

8. All of your friends had one.

9. As did the cool girl at school.

10. Which meant that you all carried your P.E. kits in these bags.

11. If you pulled your hood up, you looked moody and thoughtful.

Tammy Mcallister / Thinkstock

12. Whilst simultaneously enjoying the feeling of the softest material gently carressing your skin.

13. Let's face it: GAP hoodies were unbeatable.

Eric Chan / Flickr: 47983324@N00