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    41 Reasons You Should Never Leave Chester

    You won't find anywhere else quite like it.

    1. Because it's legit one of the most beautiful cities in the country.

    2. And walking around its walls is one of the best ways to spend an afternoon.

    3. I mean, just look at this.

    Flickr: emaybe / Creative Commons

    4. Every building you'll pass is beyond pretty.

    5. And it even looks nice in the rain.

    6. Because there's nothing nicer than an afternoon stroll along the River Dee.

    Flickr: welshdan / Creative Commons

    7. Because its two-tier shopping is pretty and practical.

    8. And it really makes spending an afternoon in town delightful.

    9. Because you'll always meet your friends at the cross.

    10. Because Chester Cathedral is actually stunning.

    11. And climbing up to the top will give you the most magnificent view.

    12. But its interior is pretty damn gorgeous too.

    13. And having a picnic in the cathedral gardens is just lovely.

    14. Because every five years, the Chester Mystery Plays take over the city.

    15. And every summer, the races do.

    16. Because a walk along the canal is just 10/10.

    17. Especially if you stop for a drink along the way.

    Flickr: 34352063@N05

    Telford's Warehouse, Chester

    18. Talking of pubs, we've got a fair few good ones.

    Flickr: bryn_s / Creative Commons

    The Brewery Tap, Chester

    19. And you'll never struggle to find a good pub lunch in Chester.

    Flickr: bellatrix6

    The Bickerton Poacher, Malpas

    20. We've even got our own dessert.

    Flickr: nwfitzpatricks / Creative Commons

    Chester pudding

    21. Because the city is jam-packed full of Roman ruins.

    22. And there are so many interesting historical facts to learn.

    23. And you can even go on a guided Roman tour.

    24. Because Chester Zoo is famous all over the world.

    25. And it makes for the best day out.

    Flickr: drewlx / Creative Commons

    26. Because Chester Meadows look like something out of a film.

    27. Because the city really suits autumn.

    Flickr: 74232966@N00 / Creative Commons

    28. And wrapping up warm to get a river cruise is one of the nicest ways to see Chester.

    Flickr: oneterry / Creative Commons

    29. Although walking along the riverbank is just as lovely.

    Flickr: pokerbrit / Creative Commons

    30. Seriously.

    31. Because you could live in a house like this.

    Flickr: 26094756@N04 / Creative Commons

    32. Because Delamere Forest is nearby, and it's the best date location.

    33. I mean, just look at it.

    34. Because there are watermills to be visited.

    Flickr: lestiverton

    Stretton Watermill, Malpas

    35. Swims to be swum.

    Flickr: bennbeck / Creative Commons

    The Dee Mile

    36. And mazes to be explored.

    Flickr: southwellpics / Creative Commons

    37. Because you'll never be short of things to do in Chester.

    38. You'll never go hungry.

    Flickr: jayneandd

    The Ice Cream Farm, Tattenhall

    39. And you'll always find something new to buy.

    Flickr: falcon_33

    The Grosvenor Shopping Centre, Chester

    40. Because Chester is home.

    Flickr: welshdan

    Grosvenor Park, Chester

    41. And you wouldn't have it any other way.

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