34 Reasons You Should Never Go To Cambridge

    It's probably the UK's ugliest city.

    1. Cambridge is a really ugly city.

    2. It's ugly in the summer.

    3. It's ugly in the winter.

    4. It's just not a nice place to be.

    5. There are no nice pubs in Cambridge.

    6. And there's certainly no good food there.

    7. Nope. If you ever go to Cambridge, you'll definitely go hungry.

    8. It's also pretty bad for shopping.

    9. If independent stores are your thing, you should steer clear of Cambridge.

    10. It doesn't really have any good markets either.

    11. And you certainly can't get any tasty desserts there.

    12. Let's not even get started on how overrated Chelsea buns are.

    13. Punting is pretty overrated.

    14. I mean, this just isn't a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

    15. The main problem with Cambridge is that it's just unpleasant.

    16. If you fancy a beautiful walk, there's no where for you to go.

    17. Nothing for you to see.

    18. No way of getting around.

    19. Now let's talk about the architecture.

    20. It's just a bit gross, isn't it?

    21. Who wants riverside libraries that look like this?

    22. Who wants chapels as intricately designed as this?

    23. And who wants charming-looking kebab shops?

    24. Even the places around Cambridge are no good.

    25. Seriously, there's no point venturing out of the city.

    26. You just won't find anything interesting.

    27. In fact, Cambridge is a really boring place.

    28. There's nothing cultural to see.

    29. No interesting festivals to attend.

    30. And no where beautiful to enjoy a lunchtime picnic.

    31. So don't bother going.

    32. It's not worth your time.

    33. Go somewhere else instead.

    34. Cambridge is absolutely rubbish.