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    Posted on Oct 7, 2015

    24 Reasons You Should Stop Messing Around And Just Marry A Brit

    Yorkshire puddings, gravy, and a side portion of sarcasm.

    1. First things first, they'll cook you a bloody good Sunday roast.

    2. In fact, dating a Brit means being exposed to all sorts of amazing food.

    3. And don't even get me started on how many times you're gonna eat chip shop chips covered in gravy.

    4. Dating a Brit means getting pissed in a warm room and sitting comfortably around a table with your friends on a Friday night, rather than dressing up to go to some wanky bar.

    Working Title Films

    You'll spend a lot of your life in pubs. And that's a good thing.

    5. Because if there's one thing us Brits can do properly, it's drink.


    Your British S.O. will drink you under the table, but you'll soon learn to keep up with them.

    6. And because Brits are so polite, you'll always get the last crisp in the pub.

    7. Naturally, Brits are pretty good at curing hangovers too.

    8. Just because Brits don't do PDAs doesn't mean our feelings for you are any less real.

    Miramax Pictures

    We'll just let you know in our own charming way.

    9. If you date a British person, you'll definitely visit London at some point.

    Flickr: elessar_82

    Which will obviously be amazing, because it's one of the most exciting cities in the world.

    10. But there's so much more of the country you can explore together.

    Flickr: 72250170@N04

    Like the Yorkshire moors.

    11. And your British S.O. will pack the best snacks for the train.

    12. And while we're on the topic of confectionary, your British S.O. will always know exactly which biscuit to serve with a cup of tea.

    13. Sport will probably become an important part of your relationship.

    Rich Lam / Getty Images

    And we even win some of the time.

    14. But mostly Brits just get pleasantly tipsy while they watch sport, so that'll be fine.

    15. Dating a Brit means being exposed to endless wonderful reality TV.


    Like Bake Off. You'll watch a lot of Bake Off.

    16. And a lot of it will be food-based.

    Channel 4

    Some of your best times together will be spent watching Come Dine With Me.

    17. Your British S.O. will expose you to a whole host of wonderful British traditions, like Guy Fawkes Night.

    18. And Eurovision.


    Which we pretend not to take seriously until we win, when we suddenly consider it a real prestige to come first.

    19. And Nando's.

    20. We're also a pretty good-looking bunch.




    21. But most of all, we say what we mean.

    Channel 4

    You'll always know where you stand with your British S.O.

    22. We have the most affectionate pet names for each other.


    23. And even though we might sound sarcastic when we say literally anything...

    24. ...we'll always be here for you.

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