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24 Reasons You Should Stop Messing Around And Just Marry A Brit

Yorkshire puddings, gravy, and a side portion of sarcasm.

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1. First things first, they'll cook you a bloody good Sunday roast.

Date a British person and eat Yorkshire puddings for life.

2. In fact, dating a Brit means being exposed to all sorts of amazing food.

Pie + mash + mushy peas + beans + gravy = heaven.

3. And don't even get me started on how many times you're gonna eat chip shop chips covered in gravy.

Date a Brit and this will become a staple part of your diet.

4. Dating a Brit means getting pissed in a warm room and sitting comfortably around a table with your friends on a Friday night, rather than dressing up to go to some wanky bar.

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You'll spend a lot of your life in pubs. And that's a good thing.


6. And because Brits are so polite, you'll always get the last crisp in the pub.

A British person would never dare take it, so it's all yours.

7. Naturally, Brits are pretty good at curing hangovers too.

In fact, hungover eating with your S.O. will unexpectedly become one of the best parts of your relationship.


11. And your British S.O. will pack the best snacks for the train.

Cadburys chocolate > all other chocolate from all other countries.

12. And while we're on the topic of confectionary, your British S.O. will always know exactly which biscuit to serve with a cup of tea.

And they'll make your tea just right too.


14. But mostly Brits just get pleasantly tipsy while they watch sport, so that'll be fine.

You'll learn to love it.


17. Your British S.O. will expose you to a whole host of wonderful British traditions, like Guy Fawkes Night.

Which is hands down the best thing about November.

19. And Nando's.