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24 Very Valid Reasons For Adopting A Greyhound

They only need two twenty-minute walks a day.

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1. Because imagine coming home to this little face.

Instagram: @kismet_the_dog

2. And waking up to this snout.

Instagram: @al

3. Imagine the adventures you'd go on...

Instagram: @davidhaddrell

6. Because how could you resist these eyes?

Instagram: @siripu_sira

8. Because their favourite thing to do is nap.

Instagram: @iggysirlancelot

10. Because they're adorable when they're young...

Instagram: @it_is_me_steph

11. ... but they're gorgeous when they're old too.

Instagram: @smattner

12. Because they're so skinny that sometimes they get chilly and need a wooly jumper.

Instagram: @hachi_melbourne

14. Because your life would be happier with a little greyhound friend.

Instagram: @teddy_downunder

15. Because imagine coming home to find a dozy dog on the floor.

Instagram: @applekellyrowan

16. Imagine taking him out for a walk.

Instagram: @zuluthegreyhound

17. And then settling down to watch TV together.

Instagram: @penny_the_grey_hound

18. Because you could get two and then they'd be best friends.

Instagram: @iggybrothers

19. Because you could give your greyhound an old man name like Martin.

Instagram: @trueterrier

21. Because sometimes greyhounds are really chubby when they're young.

Instagram: @thelittleforestfarm

22. And sometimes they make friends who are much smaller than them, but it doesn't matter.

Instagram: @samsbellabob

23. Because this sight would make you truly happy.

Instagram: @cooperandstanley

24. And having a greyhound would melt your heart every day.

Instagram: @yabi___

For more information about adopting a greyhound, click here.