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19 Reasons You Should Absolutely Sign Up For A 10K Run

If you've never run a race but you kinda maybe fancy it, this is your sign.

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1. Because once you've paid the fee, there's no backing out.

I umm-ed and ahh-ed about signing up for a race for aaaaaages before I actually did it. But as soon as I paid £20 and had an actual date to work towards, I got my shit together and started training.

3. And you're well within your rights to have a needlessly large meal after every run.

Because you've exercised. So it doesn't count. Right?


4. Tracking your runs is actually quite fun.

You'll soon find that you enjoy seeing how quickly you can do the same routes.

6. Plus, you'll notice your body getting more toned.

Which means you'll start getting lots of compliments.

7. And you'll start feeling your leg muscles.

Which will make you feel very powerful.


10. And if you go abroad, running is a great way to explore new cities.

There's no better way to get your bearings in a new place than to go for a run and explore the area.

11. Running gives you a really great excuse to get into podcasts.

If, like me, you don't like running to music, this is your chance to start listening to podcasts. I downloaded the This American Life app and listened to one podcast per run. And because they're an hour long, they gave me enough time to run and stretch afterwards.


12. And if you decide that speed doesn't matter, running gives you a few hours a week to think.

Because when do you ever really get to spend an hour alone? You'll find that you work out all kinds of stuff when you get a chance to think about it.

14. And running outside is so much nicer than going to a bleak gym.

Lights in gyms are too bright. Windows in gyms are too small. People in gyms have expressionless faces. And worst of all, gyms take ages to get to. But if you go for a run, you can start as soon as you step out of your front door.


16. Running in the morning will make you more feel more alert when you get to work.

If you run before breakfast, you're guaranteed to start the day feeling fresher and more alive.

17. And running in the evening will mean you're actually tired when you go to bed.

If you go for a run, there's no chance you'll spend ages lying in bed trying to get to sleep because your body will need rest.

18. Signing up to a run is a nice excuse to raise money for a charity.

Which will make you feel even better about yourself.

19. And at the end of it all, you get to post a smug selfie like this.

And casually tell everyone you meet that afternoon that you ran 10k that morning, no biggie. Except it is a biggie. Because you just ran an actual 10k. 10k!