17 Reasons Why White Wine Spritzers Are The Best Drink Of Summer

    And also the best drink of always.

    1. White wine spritzers are the most underappreciated heroes of summertime drinking.

    2. They consist of one part wine, one part club soda.

    3. And they are heaven in a glass.

    Omg this waitress knows me she has served me a white wine spritzer in a tall glass with a straw just how I like it

    4. That wine.

    5. That soda.

    Drinking a white wine spritzer for the first time ever. @ww_uk I will have a loss this week #determined

    6. That citrus fruit.

    7. And if you want to get fancy, you can add a drop of bitters.

    8. Such a perfect combination.

    Can't stop thinking about a nice chilled white wine spritzer

    9. Spritzers are less calorific than straight wine.

    10. They make it harder for you to get drunk quickly.

    Just tried a @Zevia white wine spritzer for the first time and it is a GAME CHANGER. #smartersoda #wine @DrinksTube

    11. They cost less.

    12. And they're so glam.

    13. Even this friendly pup agrees.

    "I'll have a large white wine spritzer and the scotch egg please" @MrJames_Stewart excellent birthday weekend!

    14. Spritzers are so refreshing.

    15. They're perfect for any time of day.

    16. But most importantly...

    17. They keep you hydrated.

    Thirst, consider yourself quenched.