24 Reasons Summer Sucks For Vegetarians

“Thanks, I’ll just eat bread with my bread.

1. When your friends are having a BBQ and you’re not invited.

2. Unless you bring your own food, which defeats the purpose of going to someone else’s for dinner.

3. And even when you are invited, you know you’re not wanted.

4. When there’s such a thing as too much hummus.

5. When everyone toasts marshmallows over a campfire and you can’t even handle it.

6. When you are invited to a BBQ but all you can eat are vegetables on long sticks.

7. When people try to make you eat a smoked salmon quiche.

9. “Fish isn’t red meat.”

10. “So do you not eat chicken either?”

11. When you see a lovely salad, but someone’s hidden meat in it.

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12. When everyone else is tucking into burgers in the sun and you’re intensely jealous.

13. When all you can eat is potato salad and some idiot left it to go bad in the sun.

14. When you have hundreds of summer weddings to attend and no food to eat.

Yes. I am now that annoying person requesting different menu at weddings. #vegetarianproblems

— Mira (@mira_hearts)

15. When there’s one vegetarian option at a BBQ and the meat eaters eat it as a side before you find it.

Paul_Brighton / Shutterstock

16. When you go for a picnic in the park and all you can eat are lukewarm cheese sandwiches.

17. When the only option in a restaurant is pasta and you just want something light and summery.

18. When you go abroad and you’re hungry forever.

It's fucking 40 degrees and I'm driving around rural France trying to find non-duck comestibles for my vegetarian parents.

— Susan (@lapetitesue)

19. When you feel guilty because your host has made you a separate meal.

20. But even worse when your host forgets, so you have to pick at lettuce all night.

21. When people think that their eating habits somehow offend you.

When people talk about how much they hate salad they always look at me and say sorry.. Like it offends me. #vegetarianprobs

— Vegetarian Problems (@VegetarianProbs)

22. When you go to a music festival and resent paying £7.50 for just salad.

23. When you go to a sports match and all you can eat are fries.

24. But worst of all, when you throw a veggie BBQ for your meat-eating friends and they tell you that your food is “almost as good as meat”.

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