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    18 Reasons Pippi Långstrump Was Your Childhood Hero

    "I am the sea and nobody owns me."

    1. First things first: She was the strongest girl in the world.


    She could lift up her horse, throw bullies over trees, and fight off pirates.

    2. And she managed to survive without her parents.


    Even though her mum died and her dad worked at sea, Pippi maintained a house all on her own.

    3. Which was all the more impressive because she didn't go to school.

    4. In fact, Pippi thought that classes at school held her back.


    Which, tbh, they did.

    5. She always said the right things.

    6. Pippi knew how to put men in their place.


    She just told it how it was.

    7. And she didn't let adults intimidate her either.


    Pippi didn't have time for manners, or other dumb grown up stuff. She just got on with having fun.

    8. But she really came into her element when she got the chance to answer back teachers.

    9. No one made cleaning up look as much fun as Pippi.


    To clean floors, she attached brushes to her feet, poured soap all over the floor and just skated.

    10. Even though she was super rich, she never boasted about it.


    Pippi owned a whole trunk of gold. And she was super generous in sharing its contents with her BFFs Tommy and Annika.

    11. Pippi was, is, and always will be your style icon.

    12. And you'll never stop wishing you could make your plaits stick up like hers.

    13. Pippi lived by her own rules.

    14. Pippi was always up for an adventure.

    15. And she knew how to deal with bullies.


    There was no crossing Pippi.

    16. Pippi was endlessly loyal to her friends.

    Even when her dad offered to take her out to see with him, she decided to stay in Villa Villekulla so she could stay close to her friends.

    17. And let's just remember that she had a pet monkey and a horse.

    18. Pippi, you're the best.


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