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19 Reasons Pippi Longstocking Is The Ultimate Powerful Woman

She can lift a horse. Game over.

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5. In fact, Pippi can lift a lot of things. She's really, really strong.

When her friends Tommy and Annika got into trouble with a school bully, Pippi threw the bully over a tree. When two robbers tried to steal her treasure, she picked them up by their belts and threw them outside. And when pirates tried to invade her dad's ship, she threw them overboard.


7. Most of the time, she's charming. In fact, she's so charming that she managed to convince her neighbours not to put her into a children's home.

Pippi's mum died when she was a baby and her dad is a buccaneer captain who works away at sea.

9. And living without adults means she doesn't have to follow anyone else's rules.

Pippi slides down the bannister, walks backwards and sleeps with her feet on the pillow and her head under the covers.


15. But that doesn't matter. Pippi always thinks of innovative ways to resolve her own problems.

Too much cookie dough? Use a barrell as a rolling pin and the floor as a kitchen surface, of course.


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