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58 Reasons Living In Cambridge Ruins You For Life

Stunning buildings, beautiful views, and delicious pub grub. You can't do much better.

1. Because the scenery is absolutely gorgeous.

2. Because everyone cycles everywhere.

3. Because this is what it looks like at night.

4. Because its outdoor market sells everything you could ever want...

5. ...and you can't beat the cake stall's gooey chocolate brownie.

6. Because its university is one of the best in the world...

7. ...with libraries that are stupidly pretty.

8. Because even its kebab shops are charming.

9. Because if you head up Castle Hill, you'll get to Kettle's Yard...

10. ...and if you ask, the staff will give you a key to St Peter's Church.

11. Because Girton College is at the top of the hill.

12. Because its pubs are exceptionally cosy...

13. ...and the pub grub is second to none.

14. Because King's College Chapel is widely considered one of England's best examples of Gothic architecture.

15. Because an afternoon stroll through Granchester Meadows is the finest thing...

16. ...especially if you top it off with a spot of afternoon tea.

17. Because there is literally nothing more delicious than a Chelsea bun from Fitzbillies.

18. Because some of the pubs back on to the River Cam.

19. Because punting is the best way to spend your time.

20. Because all bridges should look like this.

21. Or this.

22. Because this haunted second-hand book shop is beyond charming.

23. Because this is what it looks like when you go for an evening run.

24. Because a baked potato from Tatties will actually change your life.

25. Because this is where you take a book into the garden to read.

26. Because the city's steeped in history.

27. Because its museums are incredible.

28. Because you'll never go thirsty.

29. Because what is a summer without a trip to the Fens?

30. Because basically everywhere you turn, it looks like a postcard.

31. Because its music venues are fantastic.

32. Because this is what it looks like if you climb to the roof of King's College.

33. Because you're surrounded by university colleges that look like this.

34. And this.

35. Because you'll always know the time.

36. Because bridge-hopping will make your heart race.

37. Because there are hidden gems behind every door.

38. Because its libraries never fail to take your breath away.

39. Because Trockel, Ulmann & Freunde regularly saves your life.

40. Because you'll struggle to beat Cocum's dosas.

41. Because the Round Church is astonishingly pretty.

42. Because this is what it looks like when it's misty.

43. Because you'll easily while away hours at Heffers.

44. Because even its high streets are insanely beautiful.

45. Because you're never more than five minutes from the river.

46. And you're only a half-hour drive from the stunning Ely Cathedral.

47. Because you haven't known luxury until you've had a chocolate shot from Chocolat Chocolat.

48. Because you'll never stop learning.

49. Because it's full of sweet museums.

50. Because you'll never run out of plays to see.

51. Because you'd feel weird if you couldn't pop to the Botanic Gardens whenever you fancied.

52. Because once a year, university college boat teams compete by trying to bump into each other.

53. Because the Copper Kettle on King's Parade will cure even the most beastly of hangovers.

54. Because its arts cinema is exquisite.

55. Because this happens every summer.

56. Because nothing will cheer you up like a cup of tea at Harriets.

57. Because if you go through here...

58. ...you get here.

It would be silly to leave, really? Wouldn't it?