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58 Reasons Living In Cambridge Ruins You For Life

Stunning buildings, beautiful views, and delicious pub grub. You can't do much better.

1. Because the scenery is absolutely gorgeous.

Flickr: 16190595@N05

Every inch of Cambridge is breathtakingly beautiful.

2. Because everyone cycles everywhere.

Flickr: flannol

Which means the city centre is almost car-free.

3. Because this is what it looks like at night.

4. Because its outdoor market sells everything you could ever want...

Flickr: flannol

Sweets? Check. Fresh orange juice? Check. Gorgeous pashminas? Check.

5. ...and you can't beat the cake stall's gooey chocolate brownie.

6. Because its university is one of the best in the world...

Flickr: punting

According to the QS University Rankings 2014/15, Cambridge is the second best university in the world. THE WHOLE WORLD.

7. ...with libraries that are stupidly pretty.

Flickr: stawarz / Creative Commons

That's the Jerwood, Trinity Hall's library.

8. Because even its kebab shops are charming.

Flickr: hchalkley / Creative Commons

The Gardenia, on Rose Crescent, is a Cambridge institution. And if you smile sweetly, its owner, Vas, will put your picture on the wall.

9. Because if you head up Castle Hill, you'll get to Kettle's Yard...

Flickr: historyworks

It hosts regular lunchtime concerts and houses a gorgeous collection of 20th century art.

10. ...and if you ask, the staff will give you a key to St Peter's Church.

Flickr: kosalabandara

Which is one of the most peaceful spots in Cambridge.

11. Because Girton College is at the top of the hill.

Flickr: seandalai

You'll be able to spot rare black squirrels, wander through the orchard, and relax by the pond.

12. Because its pubs are exceptionally cosy...

Flickr: mullersflickr

And they all have interesting stories to tell. The Eagle on Bene't Street is allegedly where Francis Crick announced that he and James Watson had discovered the structure of DNA.

13. ...and the pub grub is second to none.

14. Because King's College Chapel is widely considered one of England's best examples of Gothic architecture.

Flickr: eviltomthai

It took over half a century to build.

15. Because an afternoon stroll through Granchester Meadows is the finest thing...

16. ...especially if you top it off with a spot of afternoon tea.

17. Because there is literally nothing more delicious than a Chelsea bun from Fitzbillies.

Flickr: helenwright / Creative Commons

Even Stephen Fry agrees.

18. Because some of the pubs back on to the River Cam.

Flickr: braxton

A burger at Anchor? Don't mind if I do.

19. Because punting is the best way to spend your time.

20. Because all bridges should look like this.

Flickr: kosalabandara

This one belongs to Clare College.

21. Or this.

Flickr: kosalabandara

That's the Bridge of Sighs at St John's College.

22. Because this haunted second-hand book shop is beyond charming.

Flickr: jamesuk

Tucked away down St Edward's Passage, it's simply delightful.

23. Because this is what it looks like when you go for an evening run.

Flickr: kosalabandara

Sunset on the backs is just glorious.

24. Because a baked potato from Tatties will actually change your life.

Flickr: kake_pugh / Creative Commons

And cure your hangover.

25. Because this is where you take a book into the garden to read.

Flickr: fridgeuk / Creative Commons

That's one of Trinity Hall's gardens.

26. Because the city's steeped in history.

Flickr: naughton / Creative Commons

Three Nobel prizewinners here and seven members of the Order of Merit are buried in the Ascension Parish Burial Ground.

27. Because its museums are incredible.

Flickr: flcherb

The Fitzwilliam, the university's art and antiquities museum, is on Trumpington Street.

28. Because you'll never go thirsty.

Flickr: heylen

Cambridge Wine Merchants have three branches in the city and are very reasonably priced.

29. Because what is a summer without a trip to the Fens?

30. Because basically everywhere you turn, it looks like a postcard.

31. Because its music venues are fantastic.

Flickr: mullersflickr

The Junction hosts regular music, comedy, and dance events. And there's the Corn Exchange too.

32. Because this is what it looks like if you climb to the roof of King's College.

Flickr: therevsteve / Creative Commons

33. Because you're surrounded by university colleges that look like this.

34. And this.

35. Because you'll always know the time.

Flickr: stefanobe

The Corpus Clock outside the Taylor library doesn't have hands or numbers. Instead, flashing blue lights around its circumference show the time.

36. Because bridge-hopping will make your heart race.

Flickr: kosalabandara

Climbing one of Cambridge's bridges from your punt and jumping back into it from the other side is outrageously fun.

37. Because there are hidden gems behind every door.

Flickr: edbrambley

This is one of Trinity College's courts.

38. Because its libraries never fail to take your breath away.

Flickr: reinholdbehringer

That's Trinity College's Wren library.

39. Because Trockel, Ulmann & Freunde regularly saves your life.

Flickr: cybercafe / Creative Commons

Their winter soups are unbeatable.

40. Because you'll struggle to beat Cocum's dosas.

Flickr: riseson / Creative Commons

41. Because the Round Church is astonishingly pretty.

Flickr: alexbrn

And being located between Round Church Street and Bridge Street makes it the perfect place to meet friends.

42. Because this is what it looks like when it's misty.

43. Because you'll easily while away hours at Heffers.

Flickr: chelmsfordblue

The iconic bookshop has been there for 130 years.

44. Because even its high streets are insanely beautiful.

Flickr: silvia-m

That's Rose Crescent, and wandering down it will instantly lift your mood.

45. Because you're never more than five minutes from the river.

46. And you're only a half-hour drive from the stunning Ely Cathedral.

47. Because you haven't known luxury until you've had a chocolate shot from Chocolat Chocolat.

Flickr: bibi / Creative Commons

The boutique chocolate shop is on St Andrew's Street.

48. Because you'll never stop learning.

Flickr: greg_mccormick

The Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology on Downing Street is world-famous.

49. Because it's full of sweet museums.

Flickr: 76909011@N00

Visiting the Cambridge & County Folk Museum basically feels like visiting your eccentric aunt.

50. Because you'll never run out of plays to see.

Flickr: jamesrbowe

You've got the ADC, the Corn Exchange, and the Cambridge Arts Theatre. What more could you want?

51. Because you'd feel weird if you couldn't pop to the Botanic Gardens whenever you fancied.

Flickr: michaeljohnbutton

It covers 40 acres of land, and you won't find a nicer place to take a picnic.

52. Because once a year, university college boat teams compete by trying to bump into each other.

Flickr: patmore

The Cam isn't wide enough to allow for side-by-side racing, so Bumps were invented in the 19th century.

53. Because the Copper Kettle on King's Parade will cure even the most beastly of hangovers.

Flickr: kake_pugh / Creative Commons

Which is necessary after you've spent an evening at the Maypole.

54. Because its arts cinema is exquisite.

Flickr: visualfield / Creative Commons

The Picturehouse on St Andrew's Street shows live screenings of National Theatre plays as well as recent releases.

55. Because this happens every summer.

Flickr: angelganev

The Secret Garden Party takes place just outside Cambridge in Huntingdon every year and is just lovely.

56. Because nothing will cheer you up like a cup of tea at Harriets.

Flickr: riseson / Creative Commons

57. Because if you go through here...

58. get here.

Flickr: cybergate9 / Creative Commons

That's the deer park behind Peterhouse College.

It would be silly to leave, really? Wouldn't it?

Flickr: yelvy / Creative Commons

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