21 Reasons Ikea Is Heaven On Earth

    I want to live there.

    1. So Ikea's basically the best place in the world.

    2. It sells this Daim cake.

    3. And this Toblerone-filled pain au chocolat.

    4. And these meatballs, which are like little bites of heaven.

    5. But Ikea's not just about the food.

    6. It's also about friendly and helpful instructions.

    7. It's about brilliant staff uniforms.

    8. It's about excellent hygiene.

    9. And it's about gender equality.

    10. Also, it sells these bendy doll things.

    Which sometimes look like this on the shelf.

    11. But the best thing about IKEA is that there's a system behind the products' names.

    Sofas, coffee tables, bookshelves, media storage units, and doorknobs are named after Swedish places.

    Like this Ektorp.

    Beds, wardrobes, and wall furniture are named after Norwegian places.

    Like this Hemnes.

    Carpets are names after places in Denmark.

    Like this Gislev.

    And dining tables and chairs are named after places in Finland.

    Like this Lovas.

    Click here to uncover the rest of the world's best naming system.

    12. Ikea was the first company to feature a gay relationship in an advert, back in 1994.

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    13. Its catalogue is read by three times more people than the Bible every year.

    14. There's a Tumblr dedicated to identifying Ikea furniture in porn.

    15. And its photo frame photo is of a cat wearing glasses.

    16. Some people use Ikea to do difficult economics.

    17. Others use it to cook.

    IKEA's cookbook, Hembakat är Bäst ("Homemade is Best"), is the best.

    18. But most people use Ikea for its beds. Beds in which one-fifth of British kids are conceived every single year.

    19. Ikea is so good that it has a retrospective history museum in Älmhult.

    20. Sometimes people even get married in Ikea.

    21. Basically, IKEA IS GOD.