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    26 Reasons Having A Twin Seems Awesome

    Please let me have a twin. We'd be best friends forever.

    1. I don't have a twin but I imagine they're like guardian angels, partners in crime and best friends, all rolled into two perfectly identical bodies.

    2. I've heard twins are the most stylish people in the world.

    3. In fact, they're so fashionable that model scouts and fashion editors just follow them around looking envious.

    4. Scientifically speaking, they're also the funniest kinds of people.

    5. Scientists are genuinely amazed by how hilarious twins can be.

    6. Even when they don't try, they make you laugh.

    7. But as well as being fashionable and hilarious, twins always look out for each other.

    8. They love each other more than anything in the world.

    9. Psychologists genuinely don't understand how so much love can come from just two people.

    10. But that's because psychologists aren't twins.

    11. And it's a twin thing.

    12. Only twins get twins.

    13. That's probably why twins sometimes marry twins.

    14. And why twins hang out with twins. It's just better that way.

    15. Twins are just superior to the rest of us.

    16. They epitomise cute.

    17. They have timeless style.

    18. Twins are so loving and caring. It's almost as though their brains won't allow them to be anything but incredibly kind and generous and warm.

    19. They're also just the best at costumes.

    20. Especially at Halloween.

    21. Historically speaking, twins have always been the best at solving crimes and making the world a better place.

    22. For as long as the universe has existed, twins have been brightening people's days.

    23. Styling it out with secret handshakes that the rest of us can only aspire towards in vain.

    24. So what are you waiting for? Go out in the the world and search.

    25. You too may have a twin.

    26. It's never too late to dream.