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    28 Reasons Cassie And Sid Were The Most Perfect Couple That Ever Existed

    They were perfect. PERFECT.

    1. Back in 2007, Sid met Cassie.

    2. She was a thin, blonde girl who said "wow" a lot.

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    3. And he was the kind of boy who messed everything up.

    4. She had pretty low self-esteem.

    5. And he really liked Michelle.

    6. But somehow, from the first moment they met, Cassie and Sid made sense.

    7. His feelings were pretty obvious.

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    8. And she didn't beat around the bush either.

    9. She wanted to be loved.

    10. And even though Sid couldn't make things perfect...

    11. ... he made things better.

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    12. Because he was there for her.

    13. Of course they had their problems.

    14. And Cassie never quite knew how Sid felt.

    15. But he cared about her.

    16. More than he cared about anyone else.

    17. Before long, she fell for him.

    18. They argued.

    19. They had some pretty big fights.

    20. And she got really mad at him.

    21. But there was always one problem.

    22. She couldn't stop loving him.

    23. No matter how hard she tried.

    24. She even named her slug after him.

    25. And when she moved away, she missed him.

    26. And so he went to New York to find her.

    27. And the whole world crossed their fingers and prayed they'd find each other.

    28. Because they were perfect for each other. <3

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