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    22 Reasons You Actually Need To Get Inside A Sauna Right Now

    Well done, Finland.

    1. Saunas are hands down the greatest thing to come out of Finland.

    2. There are over 2 million saunas there.

    3. Saunas are toasty warm.

    4. And their wood fires smell really lovely.

    5. Especially if you put a few drops of essential oils into the water before throwing it onto the kiuas.

    6. There's basically nothing more relaxing than lying back in a sauna after a long day's work.

    7. Plus, it improves your circulation and encourages your body to release endorphins.

    8. But the best part of taking a sauna is popping out for a dip in the lake.

    9. Which is icy cold.

    10. Of course, once you've had a dip, you'll need to warm up again.

    11. Saunas also cleanse your skin.

    12. In Eastern Finland, sauna goers often beat their bodies with vihta, which are bunches of silver birch leaves.

    13. Of course, if you get too hot, it's probably best to have another dip.

    14. And enjoy Finland's beautiful scenery.

    15. Before warming up again.

    16. Saunas are even incredible in the winter.

    17. And you can still go for a dip if you cut a hole into the ice covering the lake.

    18. There's no better way to follow a sauna than with an ice cold beer.

    19. Or, depending on the time of year, a warm cup of coffee.

    20. And a yummy sausage.

    21. So just sit back and enjoy the sunset.

    22. So Scandi-chic.

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