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    21 Reasons The Airport Is The Best Bit Of A Holiday

    Unless you're going somewhere really good.

    1. They may look heinously grey.

    2. But once you've said your good-byes, turned off your email alerts, and triple checked for your passport, it's holiday time.

    3. It's time to forget about work.

    4. And enter a land of dreams.

    5. A land where shopping is tax-free.

    6. Perfume samples are unlimited.

    Atsuto / Flickr: atsutoms

    7. Toblerones are unreasonably large.

    8. And it's acceptable to drink at any time of the day.

    It's always 5 p.m. somewhere in the world.

    9. Some airports have yoga rooms.

    10. Some have excellent bathrooms.

    11. And some have really great chairs.

    12. But all airports are magical early in the morning.

    13. And late at night.

    14. And they're unquestionably the greatest places for people watching.

    15. Especially if the people you're watching are asleep.

    16. Although witnessing the reunions of strangers is obviously the best.

    17. Actually, these massage chairs are the best.

    18. No, wait. These long treadmill things are the best.

    19. And there's something really cool about the whole world being presented to you on a board.

    20. By the time you start to get tired of the airport, it's time to board your flight.

    21. And fly away.

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