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19 Things That Mildly Irritate All Farmers

Getting hay out of your clothes is the literal worst.

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2. In fact, you're always getting unwelcome visitors.

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You don't know how difficult it is to chase a chicken out of your home until you have to do it.


6. In fact, you actually look forward to rain because it gives you an excuse to stay indoors.

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8. You swear you do laundry at least twice as often as everyone else you know.

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You sort your clothes based on how much mud they have on them, and how smelly they're going to make your house.


10. Sometimes it feels like you're the only person who appreciates the small things.

Only farmers know the difference between 5 mph and 5.5 mph.

12. But you have plenty of fun jobs too. Like feeding the calves.

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It's really cute, and you get to sit on the calf warmer.


15. When you finally get home, you have to change clothes immediately.

#farmerproblems covering ur body with hay


17. You're always having to cancel plans at the last minute because you need to think ahead.

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You never want to get frozen in.

19. But hay, at least everyone can agree that your job is one of the most varied jobs out there.

When people say farmers are dumb. Wait, how many people you know are accountants, CEOs, mechanics, teachers, meteorologists, all in one?