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    19 Pretty Strange Things Close Mums And Daughters Have Done

    Mums make the best BFFs.

    1. Been in a constant stream of Whatsapp communication for literally years.

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    If you don't hear from your mum for two hours, you know something's up.

    2. Send each other pictures of every meal you eat.


    You can list the last three meals your mum ate at the drop of a hat.

    3. Drink wine, start talking about something sad that happened years ago, and then start crying.


    We know each other's histories better than we know our own.

    4. Hold grudges against literally anyone who has ever wronged either of you.


    If someone was a bitch to you in year 3, you better bet your mum won't talk to her mum at the supermarket.

    5. Love each other's friends, including even the ones you haven't met.


    "Classic Deborah!"

    6. Exchange the world's most inane gossip about people you don't even know anymore.

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    If you find out that the man who used to work in the newsagent in your village has recently got divorced, you've gotta tell your mum!

    7. Gossip about the most trivial family drama as though you are literally the Kardashians.

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    Christmas newsletters from distant cousins are your ultimate fave.

    8. Exchange secret looks at family events when you're forced to speak to people you hate.


    You know what each other are thinking at all times.

    9. WhatsApp through your favourite TV shows instead of talking to the people you're actually watching TV with.

    Walt Disney

    Just because you don't live together anymore doesn't mean you can't communicate non-stop.

    10. Provide each other with detailed medical diagnoses, instead of just using Google or going to the doctor.

    You cannot call into work sick unless your mum has proclaimed you too ill to leave the house.

    11. Spend hours together in silence, just hugging.


    If you've had a crappy week at work, all you need is a hug from your mum.

    12. Give each other pep talks on demand.


    If one of you is nervous about something, the other can instantly provide a list of sincere compliments.

    13. Exchange the juiciest secrets.


    When you promise not to tell anyone your friend's biggest secret, everyone knows that doesn't include your mum.

    14. Watch repeats of the same TV shows and movies whenever you get together.


    It's oddly comforting.

    15. Talk about what your mum was like at your age and wonder whether you'd be friends if you were the same age at the same time.


    The answer is omg yes, of course you'd be BFFs.

    16. Text each other just saying "I love you" just because.

    Soul Pancake


    17. Lie on the sofa and let your mum stroke your hair.

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    Soooo soooothing.

    18. Send each other selfies when you think you look pretty.

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    Your mum will always appreciate the flattering lighting.

    19. And jump to each other's defense before you even know what the argument's about.

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    You're on each other's side, no matter what.

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