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23 Afghan Hounds That Are More Glam Than You

They're the most glamorous of all the dogs.

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1. Afghan Hounds are, without a doubt, the world's most glamorous dogs.

Instagram: @yookino77

5. Imagine coming home to this little scruff ball.

Instagram: @sonetoleo

6. Imagine watching TV with this guy.

Instagram: @lurkithedog

7. And imagine how jealous all the other dog owners would be when they saw how stylish yours was.

8. Afghan Hounds look great in buns...

Instagram: @edgeollehsense

11. They make great walking partners.

Instagram: @jeromine

12. An Afghan Hound is the perfect companion to explore the world with.

Instagram: @morenodepelo

13. But get used to your dog always looking better than you.

Instagram: @edgeollehsense

14. Because you're never going to look this good.

Instagram: @edgeollehsense

16. Afghan Hounds give perfect hugs.

Instagram: @caroly

17. And they're even cuter when they're surrounded by friends.

Instagram: @amcofwy

18. Just three glamorous hounds, nothing else to see here.

Instagram: @kaisardel

20. And they make any home look better.

Instagram: @swgo1004

21. But Afghan Hounds are at their best when they're all wrapped up in winter.

Instagram: @meowmeowmee

23. You know your life would be better with one by your side.

Instagram: @dogs

If you'd like to re-home a dog, visit the Dog's Trust website here.

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