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    23 Afghan Hounds That Are More Glam Than You

    They're the most glamorous of all the dogs.

    1. Afghan Hounds are, without a doubt, the world's most glamorous dogs.

    2. They have the best hair.

    3. And the kindest eyes.

    4. And the purest hearts.

    5. Imagine coming home to this little scruff ball.

    6. Imagine watching TV with this guy.

    7. And imagine how jealous all the other dog owners would be when they saw how stylish yours was.

    8. Afghan Hounds look great in buns...

    9. ... and side ponytails...

    10. ... and even bunches.

    11. They make great walking partners.

    12. An Afghan Hound is the perfect companion to explore the world with.

    13. But get used to your dog always looking better than you.

    14. Because you're never going to look this good.

    15. Or be this cute.

    16. Afghan Hounds give perfect hugs.

    17. And they're even cuter when they're surrounded by friends.

    18. Just three glamorous hounds, nothing else to see here.

    19. They're adorable as puppies.

    20. And they make any home look better.

    21. But Afghan Hounds are at their best when they're all wrapped up in winter.

    22. You want an Afghan Hound.

    23. You know your life would be better with one by your side.

    If you'd like to re-home a dog, visit the Dog's Trust website here.

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