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    23 Pictures That Will Make '00s Girls Laugh, Then Cry

    Your eyebrows will never fully recover.

    1. Christina Aguilera's eyebrows that you tried to copy, and the way they never fully grew back.

    2. These crimes against fake tan, and the fact that this is what you look like in all of your teenage photos.

    3. This Myspace profile picture, and the knowledge that you have an almost identical one that's still on the internet somewhere.

    4. Jessica Simpson asking Nick Lachey whether tuna is chicken, and the sad fact that they didn't make it until death did they part.

    5. This goey alien that you were completely obsessed with, and the sad reality that it never did have the child you so willed it to have.

    6. All of Victoria Beckham's clothes, and the fact that she's too ~fashion~ for them now.

    7. The extent to which you were obsessed with your straighteners, and the pain you can still remember from their burns.

    8. The outfits that your favourite boy band used to wear on the red carpet, and the fact that you absolutely still would.

    9. The fact that you used to eat baked bean pizzas, and the sad reality that you no longer can.

    10. This hairstyle that you tried to emulate with a DIY kit from Superdrug, which now means your hair doesn't respond to bleach.

    11. Paris and Nicole's clothes, and the fact that The Simple Life no longer runs.

    12. These fake tan stains, and the sad truth that it took you years to replace your towels.

    13. How much you used to love these pencils, and how frustrating it was when you lost a piece of lead.

    14. The fact that this is legit how you used to flirt, and the fact that dating is no longer as simple as "wubu2?"

    15. How much you used to want to marry Prince William, and the fact that you missed your chance while he still had hair.

    16. How much you used to love playing The Game, and how devastated you are that you just lost after all these years.

    17. Gareth's spikes and the two strands of hair framing Zoe's face, and the memory of when he picked Jordan over her.

    18. The extent to which you wanted one of these, and the sad truth that they never made one with your name on it.

    19. Everything about this photograph, and the fact that Mel B wasn't invited to David Beckham's 40th.

    20. The hours you spent perfecting this exact look, and the sad fact that it's no longer fashionable.

    21. How you used to wear Uggs with every outfit, and how it wouldn't be appropriate for you to wear them to work as an adult.

    22. This reflection on Lindsay Lohan's career, and the fact that deep down you still believe in her.

    23. The happiness that you derived from your Myspace notifications, and the fact that social media moved on from "PC4PC".