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23 Things That Will Make All '00s Girls Cringe

Fake tan, Juicy Tubes, and Chantelle and Preston's great love affair.

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5. This genuinely amazing picture of Prince Charles accepting a I <3 AK T-shirt from Jenny, Liz, and Natasha.

8. These pictures that will remind you why you stopped fake-tanning.

10. Thinking that all of these Popstars: The Rivals finalists looked very old, even though they look so young to you now.

14. This extract from Trinny and Susannah's What Not to Wear book, which advises against tying your hair back and wearing an angular jacket simultaneously.

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Apparently that specific combination says "I don't like any competition in the boardroom or the bedroom."

17. Endlessly speculating over which members of S Club 7 might have been in secret relationships.

Toby Melville / PA Archive/Press Association Images

You were right about Paul and Hannah.

19. Being more invested in this relationship than you have ever been in any of your own.

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