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    Posted on Sep 19, 2016

    23 Things That Will Make All '00s Girls Cringe

    Fake tan, Juicy Tubes, and Chantelle and Preston's great love affair.

    1. These Myspace profile pictures that you obviously took your own versions of.

    The pouts in both of these are just 10/10.

    2. This T-shirt that you were 100% into.

    Twitter: @MomoLS

    You had the T-shirt, the notepad, and even the teeny-tiny badges.

    3. This rolled-down sock, which you knew was the only way to wear them.

    Twitter: @yhchxrlotte

    It made you look really cool.

    4. This show, which no TV show since has ever beaten.

    ITV / Via Twitter: @FootballQuote_

    You fancied literally everyone on Footballers' Wives.

    5. This genuinely amazing picture of Prince Charles accepting a I <3 AK T-shirt from Jenny, Liz, and Natasha.

    PA / PA Archive/Press Association Images

    Shout out to Liz's chunky highlights.

    6. This shoe measurer that you always had to wait about 20 minutes to use.

    Twitter: @MisanthropeB

    Who knew working out your shoe size was so stressful?

    7. These Clark's shoes that were the the epitome of glamour.

    Twitter: @itsquisharose

    You'd have given anything to be allowed these.

    8. These pictures that will remind you why you stopped fake-tanning.

    9. How much you still hate Justine, even though you understand she was just a character.


    Such a bitch.

    10. Thinking that all of these Popstars: The Rivals finalists looked very old, even though they look so young to you now.

    Ian West / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

    Nicola was such a lil' baby.

    11. This teenage bedroom that you're still kinda jealous of. / Via

    This was your dream wall.

    12. Wanting nothing more than to go to Cackle's Academy.

    United Productions

    You'd have given anything to be BFFs with Mildred and Maud.

    13. All of this crimped hair, which, tbh, you still think looks great.

    Suzan / All Action
    Brad Barket / Getty Images
    Suzan / All Action

    So chic.

    14. This extract from Trinny and Susannah's What Not to Wear book, which advises against tying your hair back and wearing an angular jacket simultaneously.

    Twitter: @DavidESugar

    Apparently that specific combination says "I don't like any competition in the boardroom or the bedroom."

    15. This mascara that, for some reason, you thought looked great.

    Twitter: @JuliaMeeley

    If you were going out, you needed to wear at least six layers of mascara.

    16. This Gameboy Mary-Kate and Ashley pocket planner that you couldn't live without.

    All of your appointments (read: sleepovers) were meticulously documented.

    17. Endlessly speculating over which members of S Club 7 might have been in secret relationships.

    Toby Melville / PA Archive/Press Association Images

    You were right about Paul and Hannah.

    18. This lip gloss collection that would have made you very envious back then.

    Imagine how many copies of Mizz this person had to buy to collect all these freebies.

    19. Being more invested in this relationship than you have ever been in any of your own.

    Channel 4

    Chantelle and Preston forever.

    20. This picture of the Sugababes, which sums up everything good about '00s fashion.

    Twitter: @PaulFMRadio

    Just look at Keisha's cowboy boots.

    21. Being so into Fame Academy that you had every single piece of merchandise you could get your hands on.

    Twitter: @jamesgrime

    Bonus fact: David Sneddon writes for Lana del Rey now.

    22. This school pudding that was the absolute highlight of your week.

    Twitter: @LiamMacBean

    There was nothing tastier than school-canteen chocolate concrete.

    23. And these weirdly annoying CGP revision books that thought they were hilarious.

    Twitter: @maddiest_

    They were so unnecessary and yet you owned the whole collection.

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