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29 Pictures That Will Give British Schoolgirls Intense Flashbacks

Nothing hurts as much as a straightener burn on your wrist.

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1. Having ice cream and jelly for pudding whenever it was someone's birthday.

2. Filling out top secret Mizz questionnaires with your best friend.

3. Begging your parents for a Baby G, and then not being able to wear it to school because it beeped all the damn time.

4. Reading these books and wishing your life was as exciting as Ellie, Nadine, and Madga's.

5. Finding out what your heart truly desired based on this foolproof method.

6. Keeping your Pringles in one of these bad boys so you didn't eat to many at break.

7. Actually just wanting to be Effy.


8. Spending all your pocket money on powerful t-shirts with sassy slogans from Tammy.

9. Making cool keyrings using bits of plastic and an iron, and feeling like you were so creative you might as well be on Blue Peter.

10. Feeling like the most powerful woman in the world every time you flipped open your Motorola Razr to answer a call.

11. Working out your future based on actual science.

12. Getting a customised headband and feeling like the prettiest girl in school.

13. Answering all of your most important questions with a magical rubber.

14. Wishing you lived somewhere cool like Kim and Sugar, and not a 45 minute bus ride from a boring town.

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15. The intense frustration of losing one of these and no longer being able to use your pencil.

16. Having to make this agonising decision, even though you just went for the rainbow one every time.

17. The agony of burning your wrist on your hair straighteners.

18. Covering every one of your exercise books in spirals, until your hand slipped and you ruined the whole thing.

19. Getting drunk off blue WKDs for the first time, and being sick in your parents' loo.

20. Writing your homework in gel pen, but not being able to see the writing you did in yellow.[term]=gel%20pens&filters[primary]=images&filters[secondary]=videos&sort=1&o=2

21. The excitement of noticing your friend missed a 3-line box.

22. Owning as much Bang On The Door merchandise as you could possible get your hands on.

23. Working out which "So..." body spray summed up your mood on any given day.

24. The disappointment of your crazy braids looking nothing like the girls' on the packet.

25. Spending every break time inside playing Habbo Hotel.


26. Going to town at the weekend and spending all your money on Claire's earrings that would turn your ears green.

27. Buying fake tan the moment you saw a glimpse of sun because god forbid someone said you look pale.

28. Subscribing to S Club Style, mostly because it sometimes came with hair mascara.

29. And finally: Wanting nothing more in life than to look like this.