41 Things That Will Fill Every Control Freak With Uncontrollable Rage


1. These condiments.

2. These petrol prices.

4. This airplane tray table.

5. This paintwork.

6. These painkillers.

10. These crackers.

11. These pencils.

12. These crayons.

13. These lunch trays.

14. This shampoo and conditioner.

15. This university sign.

18. This cupboard.

19. These sausages.

21. This patio door.

22. This cheesecake.

24. These bannisters.

27. These windows.

28. These buttons.

29. These toothbrushes.

30. These balconies.

32. This weather chart.

33. This set of Jenga.

34. This barbecued meat.

35. This painting.

37. These urinals.

38. These light switches.

41. And whoever designed these piece of shit chopsticks.

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Tabatha Leggett is head of buzz at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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