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    29 Pictures That Will Actually Make You Like Brussels Sprouts

    They are the best vegetable.

    I know what you're thinking.

    Brussels sprouts are gross.

    But listen to me for just a moment because you, my friend, are mistaken.

    1. Brussels sprouts, when they have been correctly prepared, are delicious.

    2. In fact, they're the most delicious vegetable you can eat.

    3. You can eat them hot...

    4. ... or you can eat them cold.

    5. You can eat them fancy...

    6. ... or you can eat them not so fancy.

    7. Eat them for breakfast.

    8. Eat them for dinner.

    9. Eat them as a side.

    10. Eat them straight out of the pan for all I care.

    11. Yummmmm Brussels sprouts fried rice.

    12. Yummmmm balsamic Brussels sprouts.

    13. Yummmmm... Brussels sprouts flat bread.

    14. Forget those soggy Brussels sprouts you ate at school.

    15. Forget the slimy Brussels sprouts your nan served up on a Sunday.

    16. Just forget them!

    17. Forget them right now!

    18. Give Brussels sprouts the chance they deserve!

    19. Just look at them.

    22. Soooooooo underrated.

    23. Serve them with noodles.

    24. Serve them with salmon and quinoa.

    25. Serve them with a poached egg, cooked so that the yolk will run into the sprouts and bless them with its deliciousness.

    27. I implore you.

    28. Sprouts are not just for Christmas.

    29. Sprouts are for life.

    OK bye!!!