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29 Pictures That Will Actually Make You Like Brussels Sprouts

They are the best vegetable.

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I know what you're thinking.

Brussels sprouts are gross.

But listen to me for just a moment because you, my friend, are mistaken.

1. Brussels sprouts, when they have been correctly prepared, are delicious.

Instagram: @my_montana_kitchen_thm

2. In fact, they're the most delicious vegetable you can eat.

6. ... or you can eat them not so fancy.

9. Eat them as a side.

10. Eat them straight out of the pan for all I care.

Instagram: @the_original_stina

11. Yummmmm Brussels sprouts fried rice.

Instagram: @iikivi

12. Yummmmm balsamic Brussels sprouts.

Instagram: @themommachef

13. Yummmmm... Brussels sprouts flat bread.

Instagram: @kalememaybe

14. Forget those soggy Brussels sprouts you ate at school.

Instagram: @jamessimpsonfood

15. Forget the slimy Brussels sprouts your nan served up on a Sunday.

Instagram: @michellepernack

18. Give Brussels sprouts the chance they deserve!

Instagram: @jessesimms

24. Serve them with salmon and quinoa.

Instagram: @healthyhomehelp

25. Serve them with a poached egg, cooked so that the yolk will run into the sprouts and bless them with its deliciousness.

Instagram: @gourmetpanda

28. Sprouts are not just for Christmas.

Instagram: @mathieubza

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