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    Posted on Jun 8, 2016

    23 Pictures Of Food That Women Just Won't Be Able To Handle

    Featuring man dip, mancakes, and a manly mango madness smoothie.

    1. This afternoon tea designed specifically for men.

    2. These incredibly macho indeterminate dips.

    3. This masculine cereal bar.

    4. These red-blooded brown tomatoes.

    5. These tall, dark mancakes.

    6. This ultra-masculine frozen all-day breakfast.

    7. These doughnuts that are strictly for bros.

    8. This laddy chocolate bar.

    9. This manly tub of sweets.

    10. This banterous packet of chocolate biscuits.

    11. This incredibly powerful yoghurt.

    12. This bro-friendly assortment of frozen ready meals.

    13. This virile loaf of bread.

    14. This testosterone-filled mac 'n' cheese.

    15. These no-girls-allowed crisps.

    16. These bros-only nuts.

    17. This chocolate bar, which women just wouldn't be able to handle.

    18. This manly mango madness smoothie!

    19. This BBQ sauce, which is strictly not for women.

    20. This ultra-masculine sausage and bacon sandwich.

    21. These Super Noodles for bachelors.

    22. This cereal, which is for strong men only.

    23. And this testosterone salad.

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