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24 Pictures That Prove Britain Lost It In 2005

It was a very strange time for fashion.

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1. Back in 2005 this blue, trouserless frog reached the top of the UK charts. For five weeks, a frog that sang a ringtone and rode a fake motorbike was the most popular musician in the UK.

MCA Records /

2. Meanwhile, a song that contained the lyrics "I'm so lonely (so lonely), I'm Mr Lonely (Mr Lonely), I have nobody (I have nobody)" sung in a chipmunk voice stayed at number 1 in the UK charts for 14 whole days.


3. Back then, celebrities wore velvet blazers and string around their heads.

Yui Mok / PA WIRE

4. And these five women, with their a symmetrical sequin skirts and bare midriffs, were considered the height of glamour.

Ian West / PA WIRE

5. Even chocolate bars were different in 2005. For starters, you could buy white Flakes.

RIP Snow Flake.

RIP Snow Flake.

6. And Kit Kat Caramacs were a thing that you could buy and eat.

What a union.

What a union.

7. In 2005, you had to buy credit from your local newsagent and then call the number on the receipt to transfer it to your phone if you wanted to send a text.

8. And if you wanted to write the word "hello" you would have to type "4433555" then wait a sec, then type "555", and then hold down the space key for a bit.

9. Back in 2005 this is a thing that happened. These two people dressed like this and no one really batted an eyelid.

Doug Peters/

10. And these were the scents that people used to attract romantic attention.

11. Back in the day, this simple notification box had the power to make you truly happy.

12. This was a valid and effective way of letting someone you know fancied them.

13. And this was considered hardcore flirtation.

14. In 2005 these two men, who are dressed in exact opposite clothes, were the winner and runner up of The X Factor. These two truly iconic singers.

Jean / EMPICS Entertainment

15. This is what our girls bands looked like:

Anthony Harvey / PA Archive/PA Images

16. And this is what our boy bands, wearing their smartest red carpet clothes, looked like:

Mark Lees / PA Archive/PA Images

17. This was a bold and edgy fashion statement back in 2005.

18. And having a watch that beeped on the hour, every hour was considered cool and not at all annoying.

19. Meanwhile, this is what charitable giving looked like.

20. In 2005, these were the women everyone wanted to date:

Edmond Terakopian / PA Archive/PA Images

No one was as beautiful as Rachel Stevens, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, and Natasha Bedingfield.

21. And these were the men you dreamed of hooking up with:

Suzan/All Action Digital

Kenzie from Blazin' Squad, Lemar, and James from Busted = phwoar.

22. In 2005 there was no Tinder. So making computer simulated versions of you and your crush WooHoo was considered an enjoyable way to spend an evening.

EA Games

23. Although watching a woman masturbate using a wine bottle on telly was considered equally riveting.

Channel 4

24. But we were still getting new Harry Potter books back then, so the world was a happy place.

Joel Ryan / PA WIRE