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23 Horribly Awkward Things That Happen To Every Woman At Work

Reaching into your bag = tampons everywhere.

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1. When you get up after having crossed your legs in a meeting and it looks like you've developed a hot, circular rash.

3. When you look in the mirror and realise that you sprayed your dry shampoo too close – you've basically come to work as a nan today.

5. And then a colleague enters the cubicle next to you.

6. When you go to the bathroom and realise that none of your colleagues mentioned that your entire face has melted off.

7. Or that you accidentally smeared your eyeliner down your cheeks.

8. When you go out for lunch looking like a normal human being, but then it rains so you return as a lion.

10. When you're tired and moody and you cba explaining that you're genuinely not hungover.

11. When you reach into your bag to get something and a sea of tampons pours out around your desk.

15. Or worse, when both boobs team up and try to break free from your button-up shirt.

18. And you inevitably ladder them in the process.

22. When you have after-work plans, so you have to undergo a sneaky makeover in the toilet cubicle.

23. But worst of all, when you wear a skirt on a hot day and leave a little sweat pool in the meeting room.