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    Omg These '90s Celebs Are Best Friends And It's Amazing

    All the '90s ~It Girls~ are best friends and they look so fun.

    1. Hello! I recently found out that Emma Bunton and Holly Willoughby are best friends.

    2. And that Kate Thornton and Nicole Appleton from All Saints are in their friendship group too.

    3. And also Tamzin Outhwaite, whose Twitter handle is @glamzin.

    4. Now, you may have noticed that all the women in this friendship group look ~almost~ identical.

    5. But also that they are vvv cool because their friend group includes a Spice Girl.

    6. And Holly Willoughby!

    7. And because they are always having the best time.

    8. They just seem to have the most fun.

    9. I mean, just look at them.

    10. Just a group of blondes going on holiday together...

    11. ...going camping together...

    12. ...and drinking wine at each others houses, being blonde.

    13. A) It's kinda weird that they all look the same and B) I have two comments to make.

    14. Firstly, they make me want to be in my 30s.

    15. Because they make being thirtysomething look really fun.

    16. And secondly I wish I had been really famous in the late '90s so that now I was rich enough to go out for boozy lunches all the time, but not so famous that going out would be a pain.

    17. They love a blurry selfie.

    18. Seriously, the blurrier the better.

    19. And they love a lunchtime Aperol Spritz.

    20. They also love Prosecco.

    21. I love a blurry selfie.

    22. I love a lunchtime Aperol Spritz.

    23. And I love Prosecco.

    24. And, crucially, I too am blonde. So maybe I could join this friendship group.

    25. OK now I have a few questions.

    26. Do they gossip about what Phillip Schofield is really like on This Morning?

    27. Where did they get these camouflage onesies from?

    28. And do they have a group WhatsApp?

    29. Do you think their S.O.s and children are also friends?

    30. Or is it more of a girls only group?

    31. I reallllyyyyy want to be in this friendship group.

    33. Ok that's the end, if you ever need a new member here I am, bye! / Tabatha Leggett / BuzzFeed

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