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Proof That David Beckham's 40th Was The Party Of The Century

There was a Spice Girls reunion. In Morocco.

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1. You may have heard that David Beckham threw a lil party in Morocco this weekend.

2. He was celebrating his 40th birthday with family and friends in Marrakech.

3. You might recognise some of his guests because they are actual Spice Girls.

Baby and Sporty posted selfies before boarding their plane. So Baby! So Sporty!

4. The party took place at the Amanjena resort on the outskirts of the city.

5. Which is especially important to the Beckhams, because they renewed their vows there in 2008.

6. The whole family basically spent the entire trip proving they're the most perfect, adorable, untouchable family to have ever graced this earth.

7. Brooklyn was the ultimate proud son.

8. David was the ultimate proud dad.

9. And, oh yeah, Liv Tyler was there too.

10. There's her partner Dave Gardner hanging out with his pal Becks.

Dave and Becks became friends when they were both at Manchester United.

11. Gordon and Tana Ramsay were there.

13. And Joanne, David's sister was there.

14. In fact, because David has the perfect family, his parents made it to Morocco too <3.

15. Brookyln spent the night talking selfies with his mum...

17. Later in the night, Eva Longoria even filled in for Scary in this perfect Spice Girls reunion picture.

18. Which Brookyln photo bombed and only made more perfect.

19. Everyone basically had the best night of their lives.

24. There's David Blaine just casually hanging out with David's mum. No biggie.

25. The next morning, David wasn't feeling too good.

26. But Brooklyn was serving up traditional Moroccan mint tea to help ease the pain.

27. Meanwhile, Emma Bunton, Eva Longoria, and Tana Ramsay avoided sunlight and kept hydrated.

28. What a perfect weekend. What a dream man. What a dream woman. WHAT A DREAM LIFE.