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    19 Pictures That Won't Make Sense If You Didn't Grow Up In The North

    "It's like Blackpool Illuminations up here!"

    1. When your nan won't let you keep your coat on inside "else you won't feel the benefit later":


    2. When your mum makes you talk to your aunt Beryl on the phone even though she's not your real aunt:

    3. When you're determined to make the most of the summer:

    4. When your dad is finally nearing the end of a story:

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    5. When the guy in the chip shop asks whether you want gravy on your chips:

    Paramount Pictures

    6. Whenever anyone asks where you're from.

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    7. Every Friday night when your dad brings home chippie tea:

    Warner Bros.

    8. When your colleague suggests Pret instead of Greggs for lunch:

    9. Whenever your mum hears anyone coming downstairs:

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    10. The moment anyone steps into your house:


    11. Whenever you hurt yourself:

    12. When you leave the front door open by mistake:

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    13. When someone invites you for dinner instead of tea and you don't know when to turn up:

    14. When you get off a bus and display common manners:

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    15. When your dad goes upstairs and shouts, "Who left the light on up here? It's like Blackpool Illuminations!":

    16. When you order garlic bread and someone does the Peter Kay voice:

    17. When someone says "alright" and you don't know whether it's a question, an answer, or a greeting:


    18. When you're having a fight with your mum and she's got a point to make:

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    19. When it's 25°C outside, but you pack a raincoat because you never know:

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