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19 People Whose Obsession With Ketchup Has Gone Too Far

Put down the red sauce.

1. This guy who ordered fries with his ketchup.

2. Whoever thought this was an appropriate amount of ketchup to cover his eggs in.

3. Melissa Ibbitson.

Caters News Agency

4. Anyone who thought this was a good gift idea.

5. This Cosmo sexpert.

6. This dad.

7. Whoever ate this hot dog.

8. This ketchup fountain's creator.

9. Whoever put this ketchup on their cottage cheese.

10. <3 This guy <3

11. Whoever got this take away.

12. The 126 people who liked this Facebook page.

13. Whoever melted butter with ketchup and created hell.

14. The guy who said it on a cake instead of in a card.

15. This guy.

16. Whoever thought it was important to cover their baked beans in more tomato sauce.

17. This birthday girl.

18. This tattoo enthusiast.

19. But mostly, this lady.