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    16 People Who Need To Delete Their Facebook Accounts Right Now

    Get ready to cringe.

    1. This grandma who's trying really hard.

    2. This over-sharer.

    3. This man who really likes his own facial hair.

    4. This guy and his memories.

    5. Whoever made this incredibly creepy gallery.

    6. This daughter who just got told.

    7. This person who is the worst of all people.

    8. This confused time-keeper.

    9. This serious journo.

    10. This budding scientist.

    11. This man and his very important questions.

    12. This girl who needs to get better at keeping in touch.

    13. Burger King's mum.

    14. This spelling whizz.

    15. This guy who needs to take a long, hard look at his priorities.

    16. And finally, this trickster.