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    24 Things That Will Make You Love Geri Halliwell

    "When I came out of my mother's womb I screamed: 'Girl Power!'"

    1. When she uttered these immortal words.

    2. When she managed to perfectly explain why being relatable made the Spice Girls so popular.

    3. The fact that she's a damn amazing chef.

    4. When she was the best, most honest X Factor judge.

    5. And on The Spice Girls reunion tour, when she was without a doubt the best dancer.

    6. Every single one of her lines in Spice World: The Movie.

    7. Including the best moment of the movie, featuring Geri and Victoria.

    8. Her ~thought-provoking~ tweets.

    Is is me that's small ? Or you that's tall? #all sorts to make a world 😊

    9. Because she just spouts pure philosophy.

    It feels rather good to complete something , whatever it is 😌

    10. And always asks pertinent questions.

    11. Every time she got ~deep~ in Geri, a.k.a. the greatest documentary of our time.

    12. Whenever she posts an iconic throwback.

    13. Because they are always just perfect.

    14. And they make us miss the '90s.

    15. Whenever her and Mel B give us actual friendship goals.

    16. When she pinched literal Prince Charles's bum.

    17. Every time she made almost no sense on Instagram but was perfect anyway.

    18. When she didn't know what to do with this lizard.

    How random a visit from a lizard ! Shall we keep him ? Or her

    19. When she wore this iconic outfit.

    20. And let's not forget this one.

    21. Let's just agree that Geri Halliwell owned '90s fashion.

    22. When we didn't realise it was possible for a human to look this cozy.

    23. When she offered this sage advice.

    24. And finally, when Hugo ate her Swiss roll.

    This is Hugo , he ate my Swiss roll when I wasn't looking ! ☺️