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28 Moments That Will Actually Upset All British People

Do yourself a favour and grab a tissue before reading this.

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1. Every time someone disrespects a Kit Kat like this.

2. And every time someone treats a Fab in this way.

3. When people don't understand the simple art of putting their books in order.

Sorry but it's not hard.

Sorry but it's not hard.

4. The day Jamie Oliver cruelly took turkey twizzlers away from us.

5. Which was almost as bad as the day conker fights got banned in schools.

6. When you reach out for a Party Ring and realise that the icing on some of them has started to disintegrate. / BuzzFeed

7. The fact that Snaps no longer exist.

8. And the fact that Mingles were also taken from us long before their time.

9. The day Dermot O'Leary left The X Factor and it was never the same again.


10. But nothing will ever be as sad as the day Davina McCall passed Big Brother over to Brian Dowling on Channel 5.

Channel 4

11. The fact that there are people in this country paying 79p for a pack of pickled onion Space Raiders.

I mean, the fact that they're supposed to cost 20p now is bad enough.
Twitter: @niazrayan

I mean, the fact that they're supposed to cost 20p now is bad enough.

12. And the fact that Freddos have more than doubled in price.

Instagram: @hannahoops

13. The sheer audacity of the time America tried to remake Skins.


14. The day you promoted your best friend to number one in your Myspace friends, and they didn't repay the favour.

15. The eternal question: If Nikki and Pete couldn't make it work, who can?

Channel 4

16. And don't even get me started on the real-life Romeo and Juliet of our times.

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17. When you open up a biscuit tin at your parents' house, only to find their sewing equipment.

18. The day that Footballer$' Wives, a show in which a baby died because a fat dog sat on it, was axed.


19. Getting changed for PE and realising it was bleep test day.

20. Every time your parents made you sign off MSN because they needed to use the home phone.

21. The moment Will Young beat Gareth Gates and we learned the harsh lesson that everything is a fix.


22. Opening up your Anthology, only to discover that you were in for another reading of "At A Potato Digging".

23. Biting into a Jaffa Cake, only to learn that the jelly bit was never there.

24. And let's not even talk about this injustice.

25. The fact that you will never eat one of these again.

26. And you'll never wash it down with a Mars Delight.

27. The fact that apostrophes are being misused all around us.

28. But worst of all, when your till tells you there's an unexpected item in the goddamn bagging area and there's nothing you can do about it.